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District Art Faculty Exhibits at Pierro Gallery

Faculty at opening of the Pierro Gallery art show

The Pierro Gallery at The Baird in South Orange is currently featuring the art work of the South Orange-Maplewood School District’s art faculty. The show, entitled “Reaching Out, Reaching In” will be displayed through February 21st.

The group show demonstrates the diverse and professional talents of the art staff who are also exhibiting artists in their own right.

“Most of our public school fine arts teachers are also professional artists and musicians on their own time,” said Judy Wukitsch, director of the Pierro Gallery. “This continuing personal exploration and growth generates a higher caliber teacher and sustains a contemporary and vital approach to the arts.”

Featured artists include:

Kate Dodd, CHS, mixed media hanging
Jon Fisher, CHS, photography
Jessica Fong, Marshall, collage
Boris Gavrilovic, CHS, film
Ellen Hark, SOMS, mosaics
Laura Kruglinski, Jefferson, photography
Cindy Malhotra, CHS, photography
Larry McKim, CHS, paintings
Lisa MacPherson, SOMS, prints and paintings
JoEllen Petronzi, Tuscan, paintings
Elisabeth Blackwell Schwartz, CHS, clay
Kevin Testa, CHS, painting and installation
Ellen Weisbord, CHS, mixed media

The show opened on January 17th with a reception that included welcoming remarks from Superintendent of Schools Brian Osborne and a performance by members of the district’s music faculty. Those performing were Columbia Band Director Peter Bauer on trumpet, Middle Schools 6th Grade Band Director Chris Balas on trombone, Middle Schools 7th and 8th grade Band Director Don Tighe on trumpet, 5th Grade Band Director Jasmine Bloch on marimba and South Orange Middle School Vocal Teacher who provided both piano accompaniment and vocal selections. 

Pictured above at the opening of the Pierro Gallery art show, featuring the work of the district art faculty, are, from left, Boris Gavrilovic, Jon Fisher, Elisabeth Blackwell Schwartz, Lisa MacPherson, Larry McKim, Laura Kruglinski, Kevin Testa, Ellen Hark, Cindy Malhotra, Ellen Weisbord, Board of Education members Beth Daugherty and Andrea Wren-Hardin, and Superintendent of Schools Brian Osborne.
Ellen WeisbordEllen Hark
Elisabeth Blackwell Schwartz
Cindy Malhotra
Larry McKim
Brian Osborne in front of painting by JoEllen Petronzi
Pictured above with their art work from left to right are Ellen Weisbord, Ellen Hark, Elisabeth Blackwell Schwartz, Cindy Malhotra, and Larry McKim. Superintendent of Schools Brian Osborne offers opening remarks in front of painting by JoEllen Petronzi.