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A.P. Psychology Exhibit: The Brain in 3-D "at CHS Library"

Psychology Exhibit

Want to learn more about the workings of the brain? Want to see some of Columbia High School's creativity at work? "The Brain in 3-D," courtesy of Mr. McCormick's A.P. Psychology students will be exhibited in the CHS Library showcase through early Jan.!

For our unit on "Biological Bases of Behavior," students were instructed to create 3-D representations of the brain. Applying their visual and tactile intelligence, creativity, as well as their knowledge of the functions of various brain structures, their task was to create "life-size" brain models, using a variety of accessible materials.

"The Brain in 3-D" will be displayed through the Holiday Break.  If you would like to learn more about our neural processes, stop by the CHS Library and take a look!  The structures/areas of each brain model are labeled, and there are also keys, describing each structure's function!