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JAM World Record 2013 at Tuscan School


JAM at Tuscan JAM at Tuscan JAM at Tuscan

Thursday September 26, 2013 – Tuscan School took a "Brain Break" together at 10:00 am to participate in JAM World Record 2013! JAM stands for "Just A Minute" and JAM World Record is a JAM at Tuscan fun campaign to rally everyoneJAM at Tuscan to pause and take just a minute for a fitness break. This campaign is dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of making activity a daily habit and ensuring our kids learn healthy habits at a young age!

At 9:59 am, an announcement went out through the halls of Tuscan School for everyone to stand up, push in their chairs and take a “Brain Break” together. Physical Education Teachers Noelle Stewart Sullivan and Theodore Panayoutou led the entire school community through some fun exercises for one minute!

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