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Tuscan Alumni Visits School

Tuscan alumni  Tuscan alumni Milton Milch, Annette (Lipstein) Friedman, and Leonora Stevenson visited for a tour and to speak to students about the “old days.” They graduated from Tuscan in 1957.

They began by visiting the 5thgrade classrooms and answering questions. Milton said he was very impressed by how engaged, articulate, and mature the students were. They were asked such things as “Was there a dress code?” and “What was the ethnic make-up of Tuscan back then?” Many of the students were shocked that they didn’t have television back then.

In one class, Annette recounted growing in Maplewood and discovered a student, Sadie Frank, lives in her former home! After school, she stopped by and Sadie and her sister, Emily, gave her a tour.L to R: Annette (Lipstein) Friedman, Leonora Stevenson, and Mitch Milch

In the 1950’s Tuscan was K- 6 the grade. No one was driven to school, everyone walked with their friends. Tuscan didn’t have a cafeteria so all the students went home for lunch. If you were one of the few who had to stay, you brought your lunch and sat on the gym floor. There were no Art or Music rooms and you spent most of the day in the classroom with your teacher. At recess they enjoyed playing tetherball, hopscotch, and baseball. In P.E. they played dodge ball and tag. Myron said one teacher took them for a picnic by the stream as a reward for being good. All of them remembered catching frogs there.

They were excited to see the auditorium where they had assemblies once a week. Annette recalled being up on stage for school plays and how the rows seemed to stretch back a great distance. Leonora remarked that the seats and stage curtains looked to be the same ones!

Tuscan School Play 1954Mitch said, “I wanted to thank the Tuscan School for the great day. I saw a beautiful, well-run school and students whose happiness and enthusiasm were contagious.” Leonora said, “It was a memorable and heartwarming visit.”

Pictured above right: L to R: Annette (Lipstein) Friedman, Leonora Stevenson, and Mitch Milch ​Tuscan School Play 1953

Pictured left, Tuscan School Play 1954. Leonora Stevenson is in the bottom row, 2nd from the left. Same row, second from the right, is Howie Kestenbaum, an astrophysicist who died on9/11.