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Seth Boyden 2018 Summer Program Students Build Seed Launchers, Perform Greek Myths, Learn Astronaut Survival Tips, and More!

Story and photos by Seth Boyden teacher Jillian Gergel

 Making math-based board games Working on writing Making slime Writing and illustrating a comic strip

Participants in Seth Boyden's 2018 educational summer program enjoyed an array of activities, projects, and presentations while building skills in the areas of reading, writing, and math to prepare for the upcoming school year.

Enriching presentations and an assembly coordinated with the program’s weekly themes. For Discovery Week, garden teacher Maggie Tuohy came to have us clean out and plant in Clinton’s garden beds, go on a nature walk, make bird feeders out of recycled material, and make seed launchers to start new plant life!

During Explorers Week, we had a Life in Space assembly funded by the Seth Boyden PTA. Students learned about the force of gravity and how astronauts survive when on space exploration missions. The workshop included student participation in a rocket launch and wearing an astronaut suit.

Learning in the Garden Life in Space Assembly

For Wildlife Week, Seth Boyden alumnus Gabriel Ribicoff taught us about beekeeping. He explained misconceptions about bees, their lifestyle and importance, and how to help bees thrive. The students learned a lot and loved trying on the bee suit and feeling the beeswax!

For Hero Week, South Orange police officer Sergeant Steven Davenport joined us. He spoke about how to stay safe and let students sit in his police car.

Classes chose projects to apply learning in subject areas. Math projects included designing original game boards, creating and launching paper airplanes to measure and compare their distances, concocting and testing slime recipes, and making place value capes and collages.

English Language Acquisition projects included performing original and reinvented plays based on Greek myths and fairy tales, making sight word capes, observing and comparing different types of slimes, making planet brochures, broadcasting an animal news report, and creating superhero comic strips. These hands-on projects allowed students to incorporate skills learned though interactive and engaging creative sessions.

Trying on a beekeeper's suit Making birdfeeders Superhero math More writing work