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Seth Boyden Fourth-Grader Violet Holtz's Harvest Festival Report


Painting pumpkins at Seth Boyden's Harvest Festival

The Harvest Festival that happened this year on October 14th at Seth Boyden might have been the best event in school history (or at least the best I have ever been to).

The person who thought up the Harvest Festival was Tia Swanson, many years ago, before I even came to school, and I’m in the 4th grade! She thought it would be a good thing to celebrate the autumn.

This year there was a bouncy house, popcorn, food, and drinks. There was a DIY station for making fairy houses. There were baskets of materials like cork and wood for stools, fake grass, glitter for fairy dust, and little marbles plus more! All of the fairy houses turned out beautifully. Once you were done there was an area that let you look at everyone’s work.

Making fairy houses

The fairy house station

An actual spinner came to Seth Boyden. She spun wool into yarn! You could try out her wheels. There was also pumpkin painting, lots of games, and a station where you could make pickles. Best of all, there was a CUPCAKE CONTEST!

Guess what, my mom, Susan Holtz, was in charge of it all. Plus, there were a lot of grown ups helping run the festival. Even the Mayor of Maplewood, Vic Deluca, plus a Town Council member, Frank McGhee, came to judge the cupcake contest!

Mayor DeLuca and Councilman McGehee judging cupcakes

Maplewood Mayor Victor DeLuca and Councilman Frank McGehee judging the cupcake contest 

By the way have you ever noticed that pointy thingy by the Outdoor Classroom? It’s a sundial. Well at the Harvest Festival it was decorated with a beautiful mosaic of a cloudy sky, so next time you see is you might want to take a look. The Education Director of the Montclair Art Museum, Petra Pankow, who is also a Seth Boyden parent, was there in person to help with this project.

Decorating the sundial with mosaics

Petra Pankow and friends decorating the sundial with mosaics

Overall, this year’s Harvest Festival was one of the greatest!

A view of the festival

A view of the action

AUTHOR: Violet Holtz, Fourth-Grader at Seth Boyden