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Seth Boyden Summer Students Shine in Project-Based Learning

By Jillian Gergel, Seth Boyden teacher

Seth Boyden students were busy at work learning and exploring this July. Alongside regular small group reading and math sessions, students enjoyed projects based on weekly themes that sparked a lot of creativity while developing their skills in writing, reading, the STEAM fields, social studies, and more.

During Week 1, students studied heroes, including local heroes, heroes that inspired and shaped the past, and those with super powers that trigger our imaginations. Students made sight word capes with local police sergeant Steve Davenport and built a flotation device for a superhero to float in. Others chose to create comic books or build superhero cities. Some dressed up on Friday, and even read with their superhero props!

Making a superhero project Superheroes read! Superheroes in sight word capes next to local police hero, Sergeant Davenport.


Week 2 was Exploration week. Many students explored space. One class made Universe Slime. Another researched a planet and made planet brochures. Some classes explored how to make paper airplanes that would fly a set distance, making several plane designs and charting and comparing their distance. Most classes had the ability to participate in a Skype session with the Kennedy Space Center, exploring how astronauts live (and go to the bathroom!) in space. They conducted a brief (and messy!) experiment.

Writing about planets Testing paper airplanes Diorama Making goo  Reading directions for a science experiment Messy science experiment More messy science


Week 3 was Wildlife Week. Students made a variety of projects. One class made habitat dioramas. Another recorded a news broadcast about a researched animal.

Animal week research 1 Animal week research 2 Animal week research 3


Our final week was Performance Week. Students wrote, practiced, and put on shows for an audience, their partner class. Some reenacted the story of the Three Little Pigs; others performed Greek myths. One group wrote a play with a lesson about the importance of wearing a bike helmet! Another class conducted a cooking show, measuring and making smoothies!

Performance Week Smoothie Show 1 Smoothie Show 2