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Seth Boyden Adds International Theme to Field Day

Principal Damion Frye infused Seth Boyden's annual Field Day with an international flavor this year. Held on May 24, the event offered a day of outdoor activities for teams of first- through fifth-graders representing countries around the world, from India to Jamaica, Finland to Ghana, Argentina to Qatar, Dominicana to Morocco, and many more. (The kindergarten classes celebrated their own separate Field Day on May 18.)

Each team spent the first part of the day learning about its assigned country and making a banner in the country’s honor. Then, dressed in the colors of their respective flags, the teams marched outside with their banners to twenty-two different activity stations:  sack racing, tire rolling, hula hooping, running with pizza boxes, walking on giant feet, and building spherical structures with rings, to name only a few. The rotation also included the multiple play structures in Seth Boyden’s large schoolyard, including the ever-popular Hexamid, a six-sided, pyramidal climbing web. Teachers led the teams; parent volunteers helped run the stations.


Each team consisted of students from grades one through five, encouraging students of different ages to get to know one another and work together. In the midst of the action, third-grade teacher Julie Ann Nolan praised the new format. “Mixing the ages on each team has been great.  The fifth- and fourth-graders are guiding the younger students. They’ve really become leaders.”

Photos: Damion Frye, Charlie Hanger, Alison Poe