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Seth Boyden Adds Teachers' Station to Outdoor Learning Center

Last week, the Seth Boyden PTA dedicated the New Teachers' Station in the Outdoor Learning Center to the school's faculty, to recognize and thank the teachers for their profound contributions to the lives of the school's children.

The Teachers' Station features two circular wooden tables and a variety of sculptural wooden stools and chairs by John Kaufman (pictured), a Maplewood artist known for his collages.  The assemblage provides a gorgeous organic centerpiece for the plant- and tree-fringed Outdoor Classroom in the enormous rear schoolyard.  Teachers can stand at the taller table or sit at the lower one as they teach gatherings of students at the umbrella-shaded long tables in the open-air classroom. 

Maplewood Artist John Kaufman at the new Teacher's Station.  

Authors: Charlie Hanger & Alison Poe
Photo: Matthias Ebinger