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Jefferson Elementary 4th Graders Explore Sandy Hook, NJ

Sandy Hook, NJ

As part of the fourth grade science and social studies curriculum, Jefferson fourth graders went on a trip to Sandy Hook. NJ. On the trip, the students compared the regions of New Jersey – the Piedmont Region in which Maplewood and South Orange are located to the Atlantic Coastal Plain’s Jersey Shore. They noticed that the plants and animals differed, as well as the natural topography.  In science, the students went seining in the Sandy Hook Bay and in nets caught many different animals such as hermit crabs, jellyfish and other types of small fish. They compared the bay side of the peninsula to the beach side. In addition, the guides taught the students the importance of keeping the beaches clean for all the animals to survive. It was a great day by all!

Sandy Hook, NJ  Sandy Hook, NJ