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Jefferson Team LOLA Students Celebrate Wheelin’ and Walkin’ Yearly Event

Wheelin' and Walkin' Event

Jefferson Team LOLA Students along with their parents dedicated their May 27th day off from school to the children at Cerebral Palsy School of New Jersey to celebrate their Wheelin’ and Walkin’ yearly event.  The students from Mrs. Gussis and Mrs. Sudol’s classes held a fundraising event earlier in the year raising over $550.00 to help support the event.  Once the students and teachers learned of the school day being cancelled, they mobilized their community to still attend the event.  Our wonderful parents came out in droves to send a wonderful message to all of our children, both at Jefferson and at CPNJ.  Our Jefferson Community cares!!!

Wheelin and Walkin Event

Hyperlink to the Team Lola Jefferson Students fundraising page: