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Jefferson Elementary School Art and Music Department Celebrates Black History Month

Jefferson Celebrates Black History Month Jefferson Celebrates Black History Month

Photo Credits: Laura Kruglinski

The Jefferson Elementary School Art and Music department celebrated Black History Month.  In Art classes with Ms. Kruglinski and Ms. Davis students learned about Faith Ringgold, Jacob Lawrence and Romare Bearden.  While learning about these artists students focused on the important contributions that these African American artists made to our nation¹s history.  In Music classes with Ms. Van Doornik students learned about the important role music has played telling stories and providing encouragement and hope throughout the history of African American experiences in our country.  The month long celebration culminated with student artwork decorating the hallways and a school wide assembly.

Photo Credits: Laura Kruglinski

In the art room, 5th grade students created collages, envisioning cities that they wanted to live in 20 years into the future. They were inspired by artists Romare Bearden and Jacob Lawrence who frequently showed the cities that they lived in through their artwork. Other 5th grade students created Faith Ringgold inspired multimedia quilt squares that depicted who they wanted to be by the year 2036, flying over a silhouette of a city or rural skyline. These quilt squares were displayed collaboratively to create the effect of a hanging quilt, like the artwork Faith Ringgold made based on freedom quilts.

At the school wide assembly on Wednesday, February 24th, two fourth grade classes took the stage to sing We Shall Not Be Moved, a traditional freedom song.  Using the imagery in the song of being as immovable as a tree planted by the water, students in fourth grade created a bold banner and two trees with visibly strong roots that quite literally set the stage.

The performing classes also led the school in singing Keep Your Eyes on the Prize, another freedom song.  Inspired by the solidarity of those working and marching together during the Civil Rights Movement, the entire student body linked arms as they sang, keeping in mind the final verse: The only chain that a man can stand is the chain of a hand in hand.  Keep your eyes on the prize.  Hold on!