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Jefferson’s GREAT KIDS Welcomes the Return of the George Street Playhouse

George Street Playhouse

By: Caitlin Cox, Jefferson/ Marshall School Social Worker

On Monday, March 28th Jefferson’s GREAT KIDS welcomed the return of the George Street Playhouse who performed the New Kid funded largely by the Achieve Grant Association. This moving, comical and reflective performance brought light to issues of bullying, prejudice, accepting those who are different, the importance of conflict resolution and the experience of a family who emigrated from a made up land (Homeland) to America.

The performers provided a discussion opportunity at the end of the performance for our students to reflect on the message of the story and moments when disrespect was communicated either through words or body language. The word “skat” was highlighted during this time to reflect how it represents many of the hateful words that can be used to hurt others and the impact they have.

George Street Playhouse The performers also re-enacted parts of the performance where conflict took place and welcomed our students input to change the outcome of the conflict by providing creative solutions. Highlighting the importance of putting the problem into words and problem solving versus reacting. Our students will continue to be encouraged to reflect on the message of the New Kid as we continue discussions in our classroom circles around our GREAT KIDS traits and these important ways of being.