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Elissa Malespina Created a “Compliments Group” to Boost Student Self-Esteem

Middle School is a time when kids feel vulnerable and are trying to find themselves. A lot of Elissa Malespinastudents think that no one likes them. Using Edmodo, I decided to set up a South Orange Middle School “Compliments Group” to help address this.

How the Compliments Group Works

  1. Create a “group” on Edmodo and make the group “read only” so students won’t be able to comment
  2. Share the group code with your students and other teachers
  3. Students who want to compliment someone direct message me their compliments about other students and staff
  4. Post those compliments anonymously to the Compliments group

Bringing Our School Closer Together

The group has been a huge hit with the staff and students! Students love it because they enjoy seeing nice things written about themselves and others. Staff find it heartwarming to hear nice things about themselves from their students.

As teachers, we all have days when we think that we want to give up because we are not reaching anyone. Seeing nice posts about us make us realize why we do our job.

It has brought our school closer together. All thanks to Edmodo!!