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Redhawk Native American Dancers performs at Marshall


The Redhawk Native American Arts Council’s performing artists have been sharing Native American dance, music, art and history. The program entertain, educate and foster a positive image of our nation’s first culture. Redhawk’s program combines traditions from various nations, helping our students understand the vast differences between Native American Nations. They will be at Marshall School on May 10th to share the cultural traditions first-hand to our students and may even include some form of audience participation!

By combining live singing and drumming with traditional dances, social dances, and articulate verbal interpretation. Redhawk’s dance troupe members are not just performers but Native American artists and educators, who have spent their lives learning cultural traditions and history from family members and tribal elders. By sharing the origin and history of the dances, as well as the meaning of our traditional regalia, we provide the audience with authentic interpretations.

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The PTA Cultural Arts Committee at Marshall Elementary School helps to schedule and plan a year’s worth of interactive assemblies for the school. The assemblies take place during the school day and teachers and staff are encouraged to incorporate what they are seeing into their classes and conversations.

We will spend the year teaching our children to tell stories through movement, music, art and words. Marshall students will hear and see acts portraying stories about our diverse cultures. These assemblies will be very interactive and will help the children create their own stories through writing, drawing, various presentation forms, imaginative play and dance. PTA fundraising efforts support the school's budget by directly funding educational materials, additional curriculum tools, school events, and other enhancements that make Marshall special.

This year’s theme for cultural arts at Marshall is about "Storytelling: Honoring our past. Imagining our future."

Interested in donating or getting involved? You can find out more about Marshall School's Cultural Arts Programs.