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SOMSD Celebrates International Dot Day!

Tuscan School students enjoyed creating their own unique "Dot Masterpieces" in Ms. Popp's library classes. During the week of September 11-15, 2017, students in Tuscan, Marshall, Seth Boyden, South Mountain, and Clinton Schools celebrated International Dot Day.  Throughout the world, millions of educators Tuscan School students enjoyed creating their own unique "Dot Masterpieces" in Ms. Popp's library classes. participated in this event.  International Dot Day, created in 2009, based on the picture book, The Dot by Peter Reynolds, is a celebration of “creativity, courage, and collaboration”.   In each school, International Dot Day was celebrated in an unique way.

At Tuscan, Ms. Popp, Library Media Specialist, read The Dot and then students created their own dots with crayons, colored pencils, and other found objects on paper plates and signed them (artwork must always be signed).  Mr. Dean, Tuscan Art teacher, encouraged students to “Make their mark, and see where it takes them” (Peter Reynolds).  Students worked individually and collaboratively to expand upon their use of color and expression of creative energy.  Students explored Tuscan students, guided by Tuscan Art teacher, Andrew Dean, worked to expand upon their use of color & expression... and experimented with the simple notion that creation all begins with a simple structure; the dot.At Marshall School, students celebrated International Dot Day by recognizing each other's special uniqueness.

On Friday, September 15th, under the direction of Library Media Specialist, Mrs. Cinquemani, wrapped up a week long celebration of The Dot. Students listened to The Dot and Ish and books about expressing individual thoughts and feelings through art. It was a celebration of recognizing each other's special uniqueness.  During the same week, Seth Boyden students, guided by Library Media Specialist, Mrs. Poutre, “Made their Marks” by creating their own dots.

Seth Boyden students' "made their Marks"! Similarly, Mrs. Campbell, Library Media Specialist at South Mountain celebrated International Dot Day in the library with K-2 students. Before Mrs. Campbell read the The Dot, she led the class in a discussion about finding ways to deal with challenges. After she read the story, students created their own dots.  At South Mountain School, students also celebrated "Making their Marks!"

At Clinton Elementary School both students and teachers found their inner creative self for International Dot Day. Miss Tischio, the art teacher, used both traditional art as well as mixed media this year to bring out student creativity.  

At Clinton School, a huge paintbrush highlights students' original works of art. In all schools, students had the opportunity to celebrate their own creativity by “Making their Mark” in unique ways.