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SOMS Students Published in Huffington Post

By Stephanie Rivera

Essays from 18 SOMS students in Stephanie Rivera’s class were selected to be published in the Huffington Post as a part of a series titled, "Youth Voices in the New Year." Ms. Rivera’s 8th grade students were given the opportunity to create their essay prompt as long as it connected to our unit theme of "Uses and Abuses of Power." Students let their passions and interests guide their essay prompts as they wrote about topics such as: LGBTQ+ Presentation in the Media, Homelessness, Racism, Feminism, Democratic Education, Exploitation of Workers, and so much more! The name of the published students include: Daisy Andrejco, Nick Aaron, Sophia Carter, Harley (Allie) Cenedella, Ray Feinleib, Alex Ferrandiz, Lily Forman, Carrie Hill, Livvy (Olivia) Krakower, Sabrina McCrear, Maya Mitchell, Olivia Morgan, Zoe Newman, Andrea Rebimbas, Sasha Sinkler, Kirah Tianga, Gracie Umiker, and Jenna Weisbach. The links to the articles can be found here: