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This image shows the cover of the book, "I am mixed."

Working Together to Make Our Libraries Reflect Our Community

SOMSD, The Parenting Center and the Elementary School PTAs are partnering to expand our school and classroom libraries so that they reflect the rich diversity and backgrounds in our schools and our community. This project was inspired by an initiative of Ms. Stewart’s 1st grade class at Marshall School last year. You can read more about their story here.

Please watch this video about this initiative…
This image shows the cover of the book, "My mother's sari."

This image shows the cover of the book, "Stella brings the family." Please consider donating new and diverse books to SOMSD elementary schools by purchasing books on our wish list at [words] bookstore or 'Amazon wish list.’ Help us create school and classroom This image shows the cover of the book, "Giant Steps to Change the World." libraries that share stories with a wide array of viewpoints, and can be a mirror into each student's experience and a window into the lives of people who may seem different, whether they live next door or across the world. This image shows the cover of the book, "All families are special."

This image shows the cover of the book, "The best part of me." All donated books will be sent to the Office of Curriculum & Instruction for processing, tracking of donations, and equitable distribution amongst the elementary schools.

This wish list is just a beginning -- it will continue to grow and change and remain current.  We will happily review suggestions for future additions -- please email with suggestions or special requests.

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Click on link to view our wish list on [words] or 'Amazon'.