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What is Art?

Yael Ben-Adi art Teacher’s question:  Why did you write what you did?: The assignment was a free-write piece in Ms. Lee's 4th grade class.

Yael’s reply:  "I was supposed to write about what we thought about something-it just came to my mind"

What was inspiration: "my inspiration was everything around me, art. Because I just see art in everything."

What was your process:  "I just started writing, I wrote what I thought and felt.  I just kept going."

In November 2016 Tuscan Art Teacher Andrew Dean sent Yael's writing sample to Arts Supervisor James Manno.  Mr. Manno found the piece powerful and insightful and shared it with local, regional and national arts community colleagues. printed the story in their newsletter for this month. See link below.

Scroll down to where it says: "Check Out A 4th Grader's Thoughts about Art"

See Yael's piece in its entirety below:



Art is like an endless path. Art is a way to expand your knowledge. Think about it. Without art everything would be black. Look around your house. Do you like it? Are there pictures? If it is, than it is art.

            Art isn’t just about drawing. Art is a way to express yourself. It is a way to speak with no words. Art is a language everyone already knows.

            Art is an escape from the real world. You can do anything you want. Whatever you do, it can’t be bad, it can’t be wrong, and it can only get better.

            Art is a room inside you. A room inside of everyone. The room just needs somebody to open the door. Once you open the door, it is full with other people’s art. The next step is to make it your own. Fill the endless walls with art.

            You can say “Oh I am not good at art.” but whatever you say becomes true. If you say “I will get better” it will become true.

            Art is a talent everyone has, but some people can’t find it inside of them. If you just can’t find it inside of you, just make a dot. A dot is all it takes to find art inside yourself. Sometimes you don’t find art inside of you. Sometimes it is someone else to find it for you.

            Once art is found, you can become a true artist. Many people think that being a true artist is to be good at it. But the only way to become a true artist is to find art for someone else. Showing the path of art is the only way to be a real artist.

Art is like an endless path.

Yael Ben-Adi

Grade 4