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SOMSD Celebrates International Dot Day!

by Amy B. Popp, Library Media Specialist, Tuscan School.

During the week of September 12-16, 2016, students in Tuscan, South Mountain, Clinton, and Seth Boyden celebrated International Dot Day.  Throughout the world, millions of educators participated in this event.  International Dot Day, created in 2009, based on the picture book, The Dot by Peter Reynolds, is a celebration of “creativity, courage, and collaboration”.   In each school, International Dot Day was celebrated in an unique way.

At Tuscan, Ms. Popp, Library Media Specialist, read The Dot and then students created their own dots with crayons and markers on paper plates and signed them (artwork must always be signed).  Similarly, Mrs. Campbell, Library Media Specialist at South Mountain celebrated International Dot Day in the library with K-2 students. Before Mrs. Campbell read the The Dot, she led the class in a discussion about finding ways to deal with challenges. After she read the story, students created their own dots. 

At Seth Boyden Demonstration School and Clinton School, art and library classes worked collaboratively on this project.  Seth Boyden Library Media Specialist, Ms. Poutre and Clinton Library Media Specialist, Mrs. Latimer, coordinated these efforts. In both schools, students created artwork in art class based on The Dot.  At Clinton, students created dots with their art teacher, Miss Tischio.  These first grade students were inspired by artist Piet Mondrian. 

In all schools, students had the opportunity to “make their mark” and express their creativity, thanks to International Dot Day.  

Dot Day

Tuscan School second graders created “dot masterpieces”in Ms. Popp’s library classes.

Dot day


Students created their own “dots” at South Mountain in Mrs. Campbell’s K-2 library classes.

Dot Day

Inspired by artist Piet Mondrian, Clinton students created dots with their art teacher, Miss Tischio.

Dot Day

At Seth Boyden Demonstration School the art classes teamed up with the library to “Make Our Marks”!