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Chalk It Up to Respect! Clinton School Honors Respect Week

Week of Respect The fifth grade students of Clinton Elementary school teamed up with several Columbia High School seniors on an anti-bullying project called “Chalk It Up to Respect”, in honor of the fourth annual “Week of Respect” celebrated throughout the state the first week of October. Students chose positive, uplifting words like “peace,” “inspire” and “honor” to draw in colorful graffiti letters on the sidewalks in front of the high school.


“We want Clinton to be known as the ‘kindness’ school and we wanted our project to reflect what we encourage everyday,” said Lindy Rollo, Clinton School Anti-Bullying Specialist. “We also see the value of connecting younger kids to older students to reinforce positive social messages in a near-peer situation.”


Clinton 5th Graders at CHS for "Week of Respect"The Columbia seniors were very happy to assist the Clinton students and work alongside them. Leilani Schultz-Joy, who works as a camp counselor and is a CHS senior, said, “It’s a great project and good to see that they’re learning about this [anti-bullying] now so they’re aware of it growing up.”


In preparation for the “Chalk It Up to Respect” activities, Christine Tischio, Clinton’s K-5 art teacher, familiarized Clinton students with graffiti art and worked with them on creating graffiti lettering.  By doing so, Miss Tischio helped students develop a Week of Respect at Clinton deeper understanding of graffiti as an art form. 


Clinton students in the kindergarten through fourth grades were also engaged in respect week activities. The third and fourth graders left their mark in sidewalk chalk on the Clinton school grounds. Each student demonstrated their latest art form to highlight words such as strong, pride, love, unite, inspire, happy, share and trust in bold graffiti letters. The Kindergarten and second grade students created “Rainbow Chains” out of “kind and respectful” words that now decorate the school cafeteria. 
Week of Respect at Clinton Week of Respect at Clinton
Chain of Respect at Clinton Week of Respect at Clinton
Week of Respect at Clinton