The mission of the Art Program is to provide all students a sequential arts experience, which fosters perceptual awareness, critical thinking, and creativity through the process of creating art, and at the same time promotes an appreciation of art and its role in the world.
    • All students will acquire knowledge and skills that contribute to aesthetic awareness of the arts. 
    • All students will use the skills, media, methods, and technologies appropriate to the creation of art.
    • All students will demonstrate an understanding of the elements and principles of the arts.
    • All students will develop a process by which they will observe, describe, analyze, interpret, and evaluate artistic expression and quality.
    • All students will understand and analyze the role, development, and continuing influence of the arts in relation to world cultures, history, and society.


    James Manno, Supervisor for the Fine & Performing Arts

Last Modified on August 21, 2017