Board of Education Information

Finance, Facilities & Technology Committee

Committee Charge 2012-2013 School Year: 


To work with the superintendent as follows:


  • Engaging the full Board in establishing budget priorities, both immediate and long-term, aligned to the 2013-14 and 2014-2015 adopted district goals in line with appropriate revenue estimates;
  • Engaging the Board of School Estimate at an early stage and on an ongoing basis;
  • Requesting of the Superintendent, on the Board’s behalf, analyses, presentations and monitoring reports focusing on the budget priorities or other topics related to the budget, including, but not limited to, a five-year financial projection to guide both the 2013-14 and long-range budget planning processes;
  • Ensuring that the analyses to project revenues, expenditures, savings and other data that will influence the budget are understandably and accurately presented to the public in a timely manner to maximize public engagement in the budget process;
  • Managing the budget approval process with the full Board, Board of School Estimate and the general public;
  • Ensuring budget-related line items and bonding levels are appropriate to address the district's facility’s needs, are fiscally responsible and are aligned to district goals and policies;
  • Updating the Board of School Estimate on the progress of district facility projects;
  • Recommending to the Board those priorities, actions and budgets necessary for the proper care and maintenance of district properties to ensure an environment that supports educational excellence, both in the near and long term, and to preserve the community investment.
  • Recommending standards to the full board by which to monitor and communicate the status of all district real properties, their cleanliness, maintenance, facility improvements and safety and hold the superintendent responsible for meeting the standards.
  • Preparing for approval by the full board a long-range capital improvement plan that identifies priorities and projects, supports public engagement, and gains the approval of the BSE.
  • Recommending to the Board those priorities, actions and budgets necessary to provide a technology infrastructure that effectively supports instruction and administration for the 21st century. 
  • Accepting and addressing other business referred to the Committee by the Board.


Role:  To ensure the development  and implementation of a long range capital plan and to develop the budget calendar, criteria for budget priorities in line with district goals, and analyses to project revenues, expenditures; engage the Board of School Estimate; ensure effective use of technology.

Committee Annual Work Plan

Committee Members

Ms. Andrea Wren-Hardin, Chair

Ms. Beth Daugherty

Mr. David Giles

Ms. Madhu Pai

Staff:  Ms. Cheryl Schneider

Schedule of Meetings/Agendas

Committee Notes

·         May 3, 2012

·         May 3, 2012 May 12, 2012 

·         June 14, 2012

·         June 14, 2012

·         July 12, 2012

·         July 12, 2012

·         August 9, 2012

·         August 9, 2012 August 16, 2012

·         September 13,  September 20, 2012

·         September 13, September 20, 2012

·         October 11, October 10, 2012

·         October 11, October 10, 2012

·         November 14, 2012

·         November 15, 14, 2012

·         December 6, 2012

·         December 13, December 6, 2012

·         January 24, 2013

·         January 17, 24, 2013

·         February  21, 2013

·         February  21, 2013

·         March 20, 2013

·        March 14, 20, 2013

·         April 18April 17, 2013

·         April 18, 17, 2013

·         May 2, 2013

·         May 2, 2013

·     May 30, 2013

·      May 30, 2013

·     June 11, 2013

·      June 11, 2013

·     July 11, 2013

·      July 11, 2013

·     August 23, 2013

·     August 23, 2013







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