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    The course selection process allows each student to plan their program of study.  Planning an appropriate program of study involves close collaboration between the student, parent and school.

    Students will be choosing their courses for the 2018-2019 school year during the month of March.  These selections are the basis of students’ schedules for the next school year (2018-2019). 


    Overview of Course Selection Process for 2018-2019 

    2018-19 Course Offering Guide: This document provides information on all courses by department; it also include the credit values and choices for course offerings (Academic, Honors and/or AP) for the 2018-19 school year.

    Directions for Online Course Registration - Online registration will take place between March 5-19, 2018.

    SMART Goals Planner: This resource is designed to help students and parents discuss student’s plans during and after high school.  Students are encouraged to: establish personal goals; evaluate honestly your personal strengths, interests, aptitudes and needs; learn the requirements for entrance to the kind of colleges/schools you plan to attend, or for the kind of work you plan to do after graduation; consult with parents, talk with your teachers and confer with your school counselor to get information; and, select the subjects that will contribute toward achieving your goals.

    College Board AP Potential Website: https://appotential.collegeboard.org/app/welcome.do

    Grade Level Resources Including Graduation Requirements:
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