Columbia High School

    Mission Statement

    The mission of Columbia High School is to educate, inspire and encourage all students in our diverse community to discover and develop their individual talents and abilities in order to become productive contributors to our democratic society. To accomplish this mission, Columbia High School challenges all students to think critically and creatively, to collaborate respectfully, to solve problems effectively, to utilize technology wisely, and to respond ethically and generously to the responsibilities of global citizenship.

    Belief Statement

    We believe that:

    • Each student is a valuable individual whose potential for intellectual, emotional, social and physical growth is enhanced by a stimulating and engaging educational experience.
    • Diversity is a strength that enriches our society and will empower our students to thrive in our emerging global community.
    • High expectations, which are shared by students, teachers, parents/guardians, and administrators, are essential to student achievement.
    • An essential goal of education is the development of independent learners who will be curious and open to new experiences, opinions, and ideas throughout their lives.
    • Physical safety and emotional security are essential to personal growth for all members of the educational community; respect for the diverse beliefs and ideas of others is indispensable.
    • Columbia High School embodies the values and aspirations of the community and must collaborate with all members of that community to achieve their goals.
    • Supported by a responsive and competent faculty, students must take responsibility for exerting their best efforts and utilizing available resources to achieve success.
    • Students will gain the confidence needed for success by learning and using self-advocacy skills.

    Vision Statement

    Columbia High School must be a place where administrators, staff, students and the community value and work together in a mutually supportive environment to encourage academic and personal excellence and respect for self, for others, and for the educational process.

    This vision must be supported by:

    A principal who
    1. Sets a tone consistent with the mission and vision of the school;
    2. Is visible and actively involved with staff and students;
    3. Has good communication and listening skills;
    4. Demonstrates care and concern for students balanced with a strong, clear and consistent discipline policy;
    5. Is capable of leading an inclusive, diverse community;
    6. Is committed to rigor in the classroom based not only on standardized test scores, but also on creativity and variety in delivering effective programs;
    7. Inspires and encourages collegial collaboration.

    Teachers who
    1. Support and encourage students to reach their full potential;
    2. Maintain high academic standards in the classroom;
    3. Are dedicated to creativity and effective delivery of curriculum;
    4. Are consistent in enforcing the discipline policy;
    5. Recognize the individual learning styles and needs of each student.

    Students who
    1. Come to school prepared to learn;
    2. Are committed to the development of those habits of
    mind that are necessary for success in all of life’s endeavors;
    3. Are active participants in their own learning through self-reflection and self-improvement;
    4. Recognize their individual role in the smooth functioning of the classroom and school environment.

    Parents who
    1. Are committed to maintain communication between home and school;
    2. Are in accord with and support the discipline policy;
    3. Provide the proper home environment and encouragement for students to reach their full academic potential;
    4. Take pride in Columbia High School by supporting its administration, staff and student body;
    5. Work to build a bridge between the school and the community.

    A curriculum that
    1. Teaches to the mission of the school;
    2. Demands rigor and critical thinking in all courses;
    3. Recognizes, respects, and plans for multiple intelligences, learning styles, levels of readiness, and individual talents;
    4. Values the contributions of and develops meaningful links among diverse disciplines.

    A discipline policy that
    1. Is regarded by administrators, staff and students as an essential component of an orderly, civil, effective school community and of the instructional process;
    2. Is timely, fair and consistent;
    3. Fosters individual responsibility at the same time that it provides a safe and secure environment for all members of the school community.

Last Modified on July 16, 2012