• With the arrival of new Superintendent Dr. John J. Ramos, Sr., SOMSD embarked on a journey to develop a new Strategic Plan which will serve as a blueprint for the future of our schools.

    From his first day in SOMSD, Superintendent Ramos has worked to create a context for administrators, teaching staff, families and students to think more broadly about the purpose and process of education, including by sharing the work of Tony Wagner in Creating Innovators and by engaging the full community in a dialogue about the future of our schools.

    Rather than trying to adapt an old educational system designed for the needs of the industrial era to be more relevant to the needs of today, the goal of the Strategic Plan is to create a new system which prepares students for a future that we have yet to imagine. This process will be a collaborative effort so that the plan ultimately represents the values of our community and the needs of our students.

    The Strategic Planning process has multiple phases, and we are striving to ensure that a wide variety of perspectives are included in every step along the way.

    Strategic Plan FAQ December 2016 
    Action Planning Team Presentations to Board of Education November 21, 2016
    Strategic Direction Presentation to Board of Education January 25, 2016 
    Action Planning Team Application 
    Strategic Direction Presentation to Board of Education February 16, 2016 
    Action Planning Teams as of March 1, 2016 
    Clarification of "Learner Centered" 
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