The mission of the World Languages/ESL Program is to have all students function competently in a language other than their own and to be able to interact and communicate with members of other cultures while gaining a greater understanding of and respect for the cultural perspectives, practices, and products of different countries.
    The goals of the World Languages program are as follows:
    All students will communicate at a basic level of literacy in a language other than English.
    This means that all students will:
    • Develop the ability to understand the spoken language;
    • Communicate orally in the language;
    • Develop the ability to extract and interpret information through reading;
    • Develop the ability to communicate in writing; and
    • Develop an appreciation for basic behavioral, cultural, and linguistic patterns of the language community, whether abroad or in the United States.
    All students will recognize the interrelationship between language and culture for at least one world language other than English.
    This means that all students will:
    • Gain greater insight and appreciation for the English language and American culture through the study of another language;
    • Understand how language works;
    • Improves the ability to understand career opportunities related to the study of other cultures;
    • And, gain greater personal satisfaction as a citizen of the world.
    Language study provides insight into the culture of another country. The acquisition of another language focuses attention on how language and culture interact. The interaction helps students reflect on cultural patterns and thus gain insight into their own language and culture. Exploration of a new culture helps students to frame issues about their own worldview while investigating another. Comparing and contrasting languages and cultures promote cross-cultural discourse and understanding, which are at the heart of the humanities.

    * * *


     Ramon Robles-Fernandez, Ph.D.
Last Modified on June 30, 2018