• portrait
    Ellen Weisbord
    AP Studio Art/Art 4, Fibers W, Design
    Fine Arts Department
     basket  halllway  sunset tapestry
     egg drawing  block drawing  design painting
                                                                                      Student art: fibers, drawing, design
    Ms. Weisbord began teaching in the South Orange Maplewood School District in 1994. Before arriving at Columbia High School in 2005, she was an art teacher at Marshall School where she joyfully introduced very young students to art and its importance in our lives. She designed many community art projects that had great impact on the school, the students, and their families.  Ms.Weisbord views her giant leap to the high school as an opportunity to grow as an educator and to see again many former Marshall students, now on the other end of their public school careers.  She teaches AP Studio Art/Art 4 to juniors and seniors seriously interested in art-making, as well as FibersW and Design which are one semester courses open to students of all interests and grade levels.  She loves teaching high school students how to be more artistically confident and personally expressive in their work.  She continues to find ways to build community through art.


    Ms. Weisbord is a fiber artist.  She has been drawn to fibers since her three years of elective sewing classes in high school. She studied art education and fibers at Philadelphia College of Art (now University of the Arts) where she received her BFA. 


    To view her art work, please go to www.ellenweisbord.com