Mr. Allan Tumolillo
    CHS Robot 4102
    Students have received the description of the program for Haiku Poetry Day (see files tab). All poems must be about physics concepts. Best poems will be submitted to Guildscript, the school's literary magazine for review. In the past some poems have been published by Guildscript.
    Grade Level/Subject: Sophomore Physics
    • Sophomore Physics, Levels 2 thru 5
    • Independent Study available in Science and Society. See me and also Guidance Office.
    After School Consultation: students can come anytime after school, lunch or study hall if I don't have a class in session. And they can make an appointment.
    Students interested in pursuing either Mr T's Science and Society Independent Study Course or the Intel Science Talent Search program must register for these in the first week of classes in the first marking period in September. In both cases the student must confer with MrT first.
    See the pages on this site dedicated to these programs.
    Homework, labs and quiz scores are posted on PowerSchool. That is where ALL assignments will be posted and the dates they are due will be shown there. On this web site, for each class, you will find copies of handouts distributed in class. To repeat -- assignments found in PowerSchool; files found here.
    If announcements need to be made they will be made first in class and then here.
    Please IGNORE what appears to be a cumulative grade in PowerSchool until very close to the end of the Marking Period. The grade calculation changes daily until the end of the Marking Period. I do not enter a "0" grade for missing homework and labs until about 2 weeks after the due date. When these "0s" are entered, the student's grade drops. Soooo...do not call or e-mail why a student's grade dropped. It is usually because I entered the 0s for missing assignments.
    UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should students or parents come to me or e-mail me that the grade for student XXX is an A or B or C and why did student XXX get a different grade. As more information gets programmed in, the PowerSchool grade assignment will be closer to the value. Understand that homework and labs count for a lot and if the student chooses not to do these assignments, he or she will not earn a decent grade no matter what the quiz score is.
    Also understand that some curving of grades occurs at the end of the Marking Period, so that will change the grade.
    Also understand that I drop the lowest quiz score in each Marking Period and that will change the grade.
    Students: You should use PowerSchool to track what assignments have been submitted and accounted for. As usual, if I return an assignment to you but the  grade is not registered in PowerSchool, please bring it in and I will change the score.
    Parents: if it looks like an assignment has not been turned in, ask your child first before asking me if he/she turned it in. Yes, I sometimes miss entering a child's grade, but not 20 of them for one child. If a pattern develops of no HW turned in, the problem rests with the child. If it is one assignment missing it could be I made a mistake or the child did, indeed, not turn it in.
    Students and Parents: be advised that often students do not put their names on the HW and labs and presume I am a handwriting expert. I do not waste time trying to match writing samples. I announce that some homework is missing a name and wave it around and ask kids to check it. ABOUT HALF OF SUCH ASSIGNMENTS ARE NEVER CLAIMED AND SOME CHILD IS NOT GETTING CREDIT. Please make sure the name is on the HW or lab. Students often later claim they turned it in. Well, if they didn't put their name on it and did not respond to checking if the nameless assignment was theirs, then just what is it that I am supposed to do?
    This means at the end of the Marking Period late work will not be accepted at all other than for assignments due within the last two weeks of the Marking Period. Make sure you are aware of this.
    Why?? because students need to try the homework BEFORE it is tested, not after. Much of the curriculum I ask the stduents to try to do some of the problems BEFORE I cover it in class -- they will learn more by forging ahead. That's the policy and I have to be strict on this policy.
    Students and Parents: if a student misses a quiz it is the student's responsibility to request a make-up date. I am not chasing after the student. The make-up MUST be done within 2 days of return to school unless absence was prolonged due to surgery or severe illness or injury. Being out one day on the day of the quiz only gets the student a day or two extra. If the test is not made up in the allotted time period (or the student has not made arrangements with me) then the score reverts to a zero and that will be the quiz that is dropped at the end of the Marking Period.
    In general this is how I grade and if there are any changes, I will announce them. For each marking period the weights as I program them into PowerSchool are:
    Quizzes: 30% with the lowest quiz of the marking period dropped at the end of the marking period; expect a minimum of 6 and as many as 8 quizzes per marking period.
    Homework and Labs: 50%. If the number of assignments is large enough, I will drop two homework (but not Lab) scores at the end of the marking period.
    Classroom performance: 20%. This includes in-class assignments that are turned in, staying on task, knowing what is going on in class (i.e., not sleeping through class), behavior (disruption that takes time away from other students' ability to learn), and constructive help in class.
    The Final Course grade is calculated as follows:
    Marking Period grades: each counts for 2/9 of the course grade;
    Mid-term: counts for 1/27 of the course grade;
    Final exam: counts for 2/27 of the course grade (combined with the Mid-term the two count for 1/9 of the course grade.)
    As usual, all physics students could be eligible for the field trip to Great Adventure which is usually in the middle of May. To be eligible in my classes the following must hold:
    a) grade of C- or higher in the 3rd Marking Period - no exceptions. Grades of E and NC mean the student will not go, so make sure all absences are accounted for.
    b) student conduct in class must be such that the student is not disruptive. Disruptive students simply will not go on the trip no matter what their academic grade.
    c) homework and lab submission rate must be equal to 90% or more of assignments turned in ON TIME. For example, if there are 15 HW assignments and 5 labs, 90% or 18, must be turned on on the date due. If a student is out for illness or other reasons, then separate arrangements must be made during the Marking Period with me.
    In sum, if a student does the homework and labs on time, is not disruptive in class and gets a C- or higher, the student is eligible for the trip.
    Haiku Day: Friday December 14th in Cafe 200. Students will explore the mysteries of physics through poetry.
    A memorable poem from a CHS faculty member:

    physics for sophomores

    graphs, equations, laws and math

    nature ripped apart
    Or one from the Society of Physics Students places a different spin on physics:

    a spherical cow,
    sure that makes a lot of sense
    but how would it taste

    Or one from Hipster Science web site:
    a law of physics
    an object in emotion
    stays in emotion
    Wednesday the 18th is the day -- be prepared for a great experience!!