Technology Plan 2010-2015
    The mission of the Educational Media and Technology Program is to encourage students to appreciate literature and to ensure that they are effective users of resources, ideas, and information.
    This mission statement promotes in our youth the powers of literacy and the competencies to function effectively in the 21st century workplace. This mission further recognizes the essential role of the school Educational Media and Technology Program in the educational process as a catalyst for all academic instruction and as a dynamic force for excellence in education.
    The goals of the Educational Media and Technology Program are as follows:
    I. Information Literacy
    Students will:
    • Access information efficiently and effectively
    • Evaluate information critically and competently
    • Use information accurately and creatively
    II. Technological Literacy
    Students will:
    • Choose the appropriate technology tools and applications
    • Demonstrate proficiency in using technology to:
    • Solve problems
    • Interact with multiple audiences
    • Express creativity
    • Make informed decisions
    III. Independent Learning
    Students will:
    • Pursue information related to personal interests
    • Appreciate literature and other creative expressions of information
    • Strive for excellence in information seeking and knowledge generation
    IV. Social Responsibility
    Students will:
    • Recognize the importance of information to a democratic society
    • Practice ethical behavior with regard to information and information technology
    • Participate effectively in groups to pursue and to generate information
    Terry Woolard, Director


Last Modified on September 10, 2014