• ~  Computer Graphics  ~

     Full Year Course :: Fine Art Credit :: 5.0

    Teacher of Graphic Art: C. Malhotra


    computer graphics

    This course is divided into several units targeting print design, packaging/product design, web publishing, and computer art (which will focus on using the computer as a tool for personal expression). Along the way, we discuss important people in art and graphic design. Students are introduced to the work of Paula Scher, Milton Glaser, Massimo Vignelli, David Carson and Stefan Sagmeister - to name a few.

    Computer Graphics is a full-year course (art credit) that includes a midterm and a final.  Students learn about art/design principals and elements while learning industry-standard software such as Adobe InDesign (page layout program) and Photoshop (photo editing software). 

     Students scanning objects for scan-o-gram self-portraits --->
    --------------------------   S T U D E N T    A R T W O R K  -------------------------
     K. YOUNG
    K. Young, Monochromatic Color Scheme & Shapes
    Sarah Noll  
    Sarah Noll, Complementary Color Scheme & Brushes
    Skylar Hurdle  
    Skyler Hurdle, Triadic Color Scheme, Illusion of Depth and Layer Styles
    Leonel Soares  
     Leonel Soares, Illustrating surface textures, Glass and Wood
     Christopher Szafranski
     Chris Szafranski, Illustration
     Max Kitabayaski
    Max Kitabayaski, "K" as a symmetrical design