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    Name: Terry Kohn
    Grade Level: 9 through 12
    Email:  tkohn@somsd.k12.nj.us


    Hi! Reading is the most important thing that you learn in school. It is key to all future learning and knowledge. Stay with me all year, do the things I ask you to do and by the end of the year, I guarantee, you will be reading better than you were in September.

    John Cotton Dana's 12 Rules for Reading:

       1. Read
       2. Read.
       3. Read some more.
       4. Read anything.
       5. Read about everything.
       6. Read enjoyable things.
       7. Read things you yourself enjoy.
       8. Read, and talk about it.
       9. Read very carefully, some things.
       10. Read on the run, most things.
       11. Don’t think about reading, but
       12. Just read.