• Ms Kelley with Friends, Carmen & Zora
    Name: Adria Kelley
    Grade Level: 9-12
    Business Education
    Classes:  Accounting
                 Business Law
                 Personal Finance
                 Word Processing           
    AH Consultation:  By appointment
    Welcome! Guest
    Hello!  I'm one of the Business Education teachers here at CHS. These are my friends Zora, on the right and Carmen, on the left. They are registered therapy dogs. I hope that this webpage will really expand my ability to reach and be part of the CHS community.
    This web page will provide information on assignments, reference materials and, from time to time, blogs.  Important dates for my classes will be posted on the calender. Please feel free to access this material through the links on the left. 
    I may be contacted at the email address listed above.  Thoughtful and helpful comments and suggestions are always welcomed.