• Henri Cartier Bresson

    Photo I

    Semester, 2.5 Credits  Level: None

    Grades 10-12

    This course is the "how" of photography, and teaches the skills necessary to produce traditional black and whitephotographs, including classroom instruction in the history and impactphotography has had on the world, operation of film cameras, creatingsuccessful compositions, processing film, and procedures for making black andwhite photographic prints in the darkroom. In-class lectures, discussions,films, analysis of photographs, and critiques will provide an intellectual andaesthetic foundation for the student's own work.


    Photo II

    Semester, 2.5Credits  Level: None

    Prerequisite: B gradein Photography I and teacher recommendation.

    This course is the "why" inphotography, and will provide the student with expanded opportunities to pursueconcepts and skills acquired in Photography I to explore the psychology thatapplies to understanding and creating photographic art. The student'sknowledge of camera operation, composition, and darkroom skills, as well as in classlectures, discussions, films, and investigation into contemporary photography,will be used as a basis for the student's ability to further investigate andunderstand how to utilize photography as a creative medium of communication andself-expression.


    1st Semester

    Photo I
    Periods 2,3,5,8, & 9

    Photo II
    Not Offered

    2nd Semester

    Photo I
    Period 8 & 9

    Photo II
    Periods 2, 3, & 5

    P H O T O G R A P H Y
    Instructor: Jon Fisher
    Subject: Photography
    Grade Level:10-12