This year in addition to the traditional summer school offerings at Columbia High School the South Orange Maplewood School District will also be engaging in an online credit recovery program to help students pass courses and get the high school credits they need to graduate. The district will be using the services of Educere, an online credit recovery consortium who utilizes several different online providers.  Included in their offerings are Founders Education, Aventa, and Advanced Academics.  These companies are used by many other NJ high schools.

    Educere offers courses for students who did not pass a course, but who learned enough to make a complete repetition of the course unnecessary. In these courses, students are self-paced and can test out of the material they have already learned and focus on demonstrating achievement of newly learned material.  In addition Educere also assigns a Personal Learning Coach (PLC) for our students. The PLC is the main point of contact for the school, student, and parent. They are responsible for student registration, providing progress updates, recommending courses, and providing additional assistance as necessary.

    The courses use a combination of audio, video, text and interactive white boards. Demonstration videos exist to assist students with how to use the program. Each course takes 45 to 60 hours to complete, depending on the student. We strongly recommend that each student limits their online classes to two (2) offerings.

    Educere teachers are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and may be contacted by phone, online chat, or through the white board. The teachers also issue progress reports every two weeks.

    If you are interested in taking any of the courses for credit during the summer please:

    1. Contact your guidance counselor to discuss your options
    2. Use the link below to register for classes
    3. Contact Mr. Terry Woolard, ext. 1143 or twoolard@somsd.k12.nj.us if you have any further questions.


Last Modified on May 31, 2011