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    Advisers: J. Enyeart (English Dept.) and C. Malhotra (Fine Arts Dept.)

     Production Journalism :: Full Year :: Fine Art Credit :: 5.0 

    Prerequisites: Computer Graphics (Designers) or Journalism (Editors), plus try-out tasks
    Teacher of Production Journalism: C. Malhotra  

    Working on industry standard hardware (Mac Computers) and software (Adobe InDesign and Photoshop), students are exposed to real-life newspaper and magazine production. This course combines the areas of journalistic writing, journalistic theories, common basic journalistic practices, computer graphics, illustration, and photography. It provides students with the computer technology, layout/design fundamentals, and basic to advanced journalistic practices (e.g., from story generation to source/evidence acquisition; full article development from both the role of writer and editor; production to marketing and distribution; and self-reflection and product analysis) needed to produce the award-winning publications developed in this classroom’s environment.

    A core goal of this course is to produce the bi-monthly student newspaper, The Columbian. Any students who have been enrolled in and/or on track to successfully complete Computer Graphics or Journalistic Writing and Analysis have the opportunity to try out to take Production Journalism 1 the following year. Once enrolled in Production Journalism 1, students will apply skills from their previous courses (Computer Graphics or Journalistic Writing and Analysis) in a collaborative, team environment to create new issues of The Columbian. Computer Graphics "graduates" largely contribute to the design half of the newspaper while Journalistic Writing and Analysis "graduates" largely contribute to writing half. All members of the class, however, work as a team and contribute to all aspects of the newspaper production process at large.


     Production Journalism 2 :: Full Year :: Fine Art Credit :: 5.0 


    Production Journalism 2 is an advanced exploration of production techniques that builds upon the lessons, experiences, and practices from Production Journalism 1. Students who are on target to successfully complete Production Journalism 1 are welcome to try out for Production Journalism 2.

    This course is integrated with Production Journalism 1, meaning the two courses run together in one classroom during the same period, so Production Journalism 1 students work in collaboration with Production Journalism 2 students. All students (1 and 2) have their own individual roles and responsibilities within their respective courses but do work together towards common core goals of the courses. The purpose of this course is to provide the opportunity for students to continue to explore software and produce our high school publications, i.e. The Columbian and Guildscript.



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