• Montrose Early Childhood Center

    Educational Vision

    montrose The Montrose Early Childhood Center offers a unique program of early childhood education for every student. As an individualized program, our focus is on each child's developmental needs.   We promote a positive, secure, and inclusive environment, enabling each child to grow with a sense of joy and wonderment. 

    Individuality, self-regulation and communication are the keys to our educational endeavor. Children are encouraged to grow at their own pace in a stress-free, stimulating environment. Classrooms are designed using the model from our curriculum “Tools of the Mind.”  This approach offers a variety of learning centers, each with age appropriate tools for individual creativity. These areas help in the development of fine motor and sensorial skills, language, math, and imaginative play as well as a quiet corner and an art area.

    The MECC promotes in our children a positive self-image and helps to build self-confidence. Children learn to be responsible for their actions and for themselves as well as learning the social skills that foster care, consideration and compassion for their peers. The program is designed to provide a solid foundation of skills and help all of our students become lifelong learners.

    The MECC is an extension of the family experience that is unique for a public school program.  There is an active Parent/Teacher Association (PTA) who work tirelessly to augment the mission of the school and to bring families together in support of their child’s educational experience.


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