• Equity & Excellence Committee

    Committee Charge
    BE IT RESOLVED THAT, pursuant to Policy 0155, for Calendar Year 2017, the Board of Education charges the Excellence and Equity Committee of the South Orange-Maplewood Board of Education to facilitate the monitoring of the district’s efforts to achieve equity and excellence by providing students with engaging and innovative academic opportunities that prepare them for college and career readiness and; prepare for full board review of relevant information related to curriculum, assessment, professional development, student achievement, and academic placement.

    Monitoring of excellence and equity shall include, but not be limited to:

    Work with the superintendent to prepare for a Review by the full Board information about curriculum, instructional programs and assessment;

    Review the District’s curriculum revision plan and schedule plan for long and short term issues coupled with a schedule of review;

    Work with the superintendent and administration to maintain oversight in the implementation and development of Access and Equity Policy;

    Monitor effectiveness of Special Services delivery to our students and families by exploring best practices in programming, compliance, monitoring, communication and parental supports. 

    Support and monitor Strategic Plan implementation of action plans directly related to Equity and Excellence:  Strategy #1 Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment, Strategy #2 Multiple Student Supports, Strategy #3 Student Engagement, Strategy #4 Professional Development, and Strategy #5 Cultural Competency.

    Monitor Strategic implementation plan for CHS to include work done for Middle States Accreditation;

    Review development of New Jersey Student Learning Standards (NJSLS) implementation, Gifted and Talented programming, Beyond the Bell, and other related initiatives;

    Accept and address other business referred to the Committee by the Board.

    Adopted:  February 27, 2017 

    Committee Members:
    Ms. Annemarie Maini, Chair
    Ms. Stephanie Lawson-Muhammad
    Mr. Anthony Mazzocchi
    Ms. Madhu Pai
    Dr. Donna Rando
    Dr. Lauren Reisenauer
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