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    Andrew Dean
    Tuscan School Art 
       Mr. Dean graduated from The College of New Jersey in 2014.  He studied Art Education and Cultural Anthropology.  Mr. Dean is a practicing artist as well as a full time teacher, at Tuscan.  
    Tuscan School Art: 
       It is the goal of Mr. Dean to guide students to view the world from multiple perspectives.  The elements of art and principles of design in conjunction with formal technique is a focus in each grade.  Each lesson is designed to allow for introspective as well as external discussion and investigation.  Interdisciplinary connections are interwoven throughout each project.
       Ideas of community and collaboration are a few of the main focuses of many lessons, in all grades in Tuscan School Art.   Tuscan School is a community of all colors and designs.  This is not only observed in art, but celebrated.