• 2018 Hour of Code  

    This year the featured activity on code.org is all about dancing! Let's have fun.

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    2017 Coding


    2015 Hour of Code is Approaching! 

    December 7-13 we will participate in the national Hour of Code through the organization Code.org. If you are unfamiliar with this celebration of computer science, please watch the 5 minute video below.  Computer science and coding is a part of our world and students have embraced learning these concepts in library.  

     2014 - 2015 Coding Highlights

    We have continued our work in computer science this school year.  Students in grades K-2 have been applying their knowledge of sequencing to coding by using the activities found at http://http://studio.code.org/

     2014 Hour of Code a huge success

    December 15, 2013

    Last week every student took part in the international movement, Hour of Code.   Through the site, Code.org, students worked collaboratively to learn computer science.  We used iPads, the Smartboard, the computer lab and our Chromebooks to take our learning to the next level.  If your student is interested in continuing their studies, I encourage them to create an account at code.org and work through the 20 hour courses for beginners found at http://studio.code.org/.


    STEAM - Science Tech Engineering Arts Math

    This year we are working on computer coding as it relates to multiple subjects.  To support this, we have used an activity called The Artist on www.studio.code.org  The students worked through 10 levels, ultimately allowing students to create their own art programs.  At level 9 they learned how to make art using a series of hexagons.  We then broke down the code into stages and they were invited to change the main shape.  Here is a screenshot of the code that we made after we altered the original function code to be a circle.

     The Artist

    Scratch Programming Studio

    June 2014 - 
    Here is a link to the Clinton Elementary Studio.  http://scratch.mit.edu/studios/341610/
    In our quest to continue coding, I have created a studio in
    www.scratch.mit.edu.  This is a learning experience for me as well as for the kids and I am excited to use this free tool to learn more about computer science.  This particular activity challenges students to create art with just 10 blocks.
    Clinton Elementary is celebrating an Hour of Code this week to get all students excited about computer science.  The events are sponsored by Code.org and the activities can be accessed at home through the link http://csedweek.org/learn.
    A few of my favorite activities are:

    Please feel free to explore and keep the energy going!

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