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When do committees meet?

·         July 15, 2013

      ·     July 29, 2013

·         August 26, 2013

·         September 16, 2013

·         October 21, 2013

      ·        October 24, 2013 (Special Public Session)

·         November 18, 2013

·         December 16, 2013

·         January 7, 2014 (Reorganization)

·         January 27, 2014

·         February 24, 2014
 March 4, 2014 - Special BOE Budget Workshop

·         March 17, 2014

·         April 28, 2014

·         May 15, 2014 (Organizational Mtg., Renewals)

·         May 19, 2014
June 2, 2014 - Staff Recognition/Retirement

·         June 16, 2014


Unless otherwise noted on the district website, all meetings will take place at 7:30 p.m. at the district office in the meeting room. Click here to view Board of Education agendas.

Committees generally meet once a month or more if necessary.  Click on the committee links above to the view the meeting schedules.

District Goals (Approved 8/19/2013)

Board Goals  -  (Approved 10/21/2013)

Annual Agenda


Committee Charges, Meeting Schedules/Agendas, Meeting Notes

Engagement & Outreach

Committee Charge

1) review and revision of District goals related to District communications

2) monitoring of the District’s achievement of the District communication goals,

3) review and revision of its own goals related to communications, and

4) achievement of its own communication goals.  To this end, the Committee will, with the support of the Superintendent:

·         Present to the Board for consideration potential revisions to District and Board goals related to District and Board communications with parents, students, staff and community members

·         Present to the Board for consideration potential strategies for the Board to achieve its communication goals

·         Provide leadership on the Board to ensure that the Board’s own communications goals are achieved

·         Ensure that objective information is presented to the Board to enable the Board to monitor the District’s achievement of District’s communications goals.

Work Plan, Meeting Schedule, Agendas and Meeting Notes are available on the Committee Page. 


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Excellence & Equity

Committee Charge


To facilitate the monitoring of the district’s efforts to achieve equity and excellence by providing students with rigorous academic opportunities that prepare them for college and career readiness; prepare for full board review of information about curriculum, assessment, professional development, student achievement, and academic placement.


Monitoring of excellence and equity shall include, but not be limited to:


·         Work with the superintendent to prepare for a Review by the full Board information about curriculum, instructional programs and assessment;

·         Review the District’s curriculum revision schedule and plan for long and short term issues and a schedule of review;

·         Monitor Strategic Plan redevelopment in line with Middle States Accreditation and implementation at CHS;

·         Review development of Common Core Curriculum Standards (CCCS) implementation, preparation of Performance Assessment for College and Career Readiness (PARCC), International Baccalaureate MYP, Gifted and Talented programming and other related initiatives;

·         Accept and address other business referred to the Committee by the Board.


Work Plan, Meeting Schedule, Agendas and Meeting Notes are available on the Committee Page.


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Finance, Facilities & Technology

Committee Charge


To serve in a steering role with regard to 2013-2014 budget planning and passage by:

·         Working with the Superintendent to develop the budget calendar and engaging the full Board in establishing budget priorities aligned to the 2011-12 adopted district goals in line with appropriate revenue estimates;

·         Working with the Superintendent to engage the Board of School Estimate at an early stage and on an ongoing basis as described in the Superintendent’s March 2011 memorandum;

·         Working with the Superintendent to develop criteria for immediate and long-term budget priorities in line with district goals in recognition of our constrained budget environment;

·         Requesting of the Superintendent, on the Board’s behalf, analyses, presentations and monitoring reports focusing on the budget priorities or other topics related to the budget, including, but not limited to, a three-year financial projection to guide both the 2013-2014 and long-range budget planning processes;

·         Working with the Superintendent to ensure that the analyses to project revenues, expenditures, savings and other data that will influence the budget are understandably and accurately presented to the public in a timely manner to maximize public engagement in the budget process;

·         Working with the Superintendent to manage the budget approval process with the full Board, Board of School Estimate and the general public;

·         Working with the Superintendent to ensure budget-related line items and bonding levels are appropriate to address the district's facilities’ needs, are fiscally responsible and are aligned to district goals and policies;

·         Updating the Board of School Estimate on the progress of district facility projects;

·         Accepting and addressing other business referred to the Committee by the Board.

·         Working with the superintendent to recommend to the Board those priorities, actions and budgets necessary to provide a technology infrastructure that effectively supports instruction and administration for the 21st century.

Work Plan, Meeting Schedule, Agendas, and Meeting Notes are available on the Committee Page.


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Policy & Monitoring

Committee Charge


  • Develop, review and evaluate district policies for recommendation to the full Board to ensure consistency with District goals, State law and regulations, and to guide the formulation and implementation of educational programs and management operations.
  • Further, the charge of the committee is to draft District goal language and related monitoring requirements pertaining to professional staff for recommendation to the full Board.
  • Further, the charge of the committee is to draft annual Board goals that articulate the priority work for this governing body, to be considered by the full Board.
  • Further, the charge of the committee is to ensure that all Board committees are operating in accordance to the Carver model of Policy Governance.
  • Finally, the charge of the committee is to ensure that monitoring reports presented to the full Board support the effective evaluation of progress towards District Goals.


Work Plan, Meeting Schedule, Agendas and Meeting Notes are available on the Committee Page.


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