• Habits for Success

    In Grade 2, we follow 6 Habits for Success:

     *   Listen carefully and follow directions the first time
          they are given.

     *   Raise your hand and wait for permission to speak.
     *   Stay in your seat unless given permission to do

     *   Work quietly so that you do not disturb others who
           are working.

     *   Respect others. Be kind with your words and actions.
     *   Respect school and personal property.

    These habits are closely aligned to the ...
    Clinton Elementary Student Expectations
    We will:
     *   Be Kind to Ourselves and Others
    *   Respect:
               School Property

               The Personal Space of Others
               All Staff Members and Classmates
    *   Be Prepared to Learn and Strive to Be Our Very Best
    *   Follow Directions of Clinton Teachers and Staff
    *   Make Good Choices Daily