Understanding Seasonal Allergies and Tips for Minimizing Symptoms  - This article provides a brief description of seasonal allergies and offers nine natural tips to avoid pollen exposure.
    HEAD LICE (Pediculosis)


    Head Lice Parent Letter– This letter may be sent home to families when a case of head lice is discovered in a child’s elementary classroom.  Middle and High School families may be notified on a case-by-case basis.


    Head Lice Fact Sheet– This fact sheet contains information regarding identification, treatment, prevention, and facts about lice.
    Lice Head Check Tips- This document contains step-by-step tips on how to check for head lice.
    BED BUGS (Cimex lectularis L)
    Bed Bugs Fact Sheet- This fact sheet contains information regarding identification, control, and prevention of bed bugs according to the Cooperative Extension of Rutgers University; and, it is referred to by the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services. 

Last Modified on April 29, 2012