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    The Schools of South Orange and Maplewood are open to the children of residents who are legally “domiciled” in the Village of South Orange or in the Township of Maplewood. Our nine schools educate a diverse student body of over 7,000 children.


    Students shall generally attend the school located in the area closest to their residence (zoned school). The Superintendent MAY, assign a student to another school, in the District, other than that designated by the attendance area, when such an exception is justified by circumstances (e.g. re-zoning, over-enrollment, changes in structure of school building). All Students are placed in accordance with District Policies 5112, 5120, 5124 and 8600:


    1. In their zoned school (based upon address), when space allows,

    2. Another school, in the District, with available space


    The District will make every attempt to place siblings in the same school, but placement may not always be in the zoned school.


    Note: Elementary school configurations may change as part of the district's long range facilities plan. Families may be reassigned to a different school as their children progress through the district. 

    All such decisions of the Superintendent (or Representative) are final. 

Last Modified on January 2, 2019